CI Group variables saving issue

I am trying to create a CI variable for one of our groups.

I get the following error: “Error occured while saving variables”.

What is the problem behind this error message.

Behind the error message are error logs on the server, which you should look into.
Also google dev tools are giving away some info also about UI request/response from the server.

All that you should share here.

I started looking into the Chrome logs and I think the problem is related to our proxy.
Going through another computer and bypassing proxy and the problem does not show up.

Do you know if there is there something we need to open up in our proxy?

I get this error in Chrome devtools:
PATCH 500 (Internal Server Error) xhr.js:178

Is the request actually getting to the gitlab server?

Not sure if the command is received by the gitlab server. I cannot find anything in the gitlab logs about it, at least.
We get this message in the squid proxy.

Nov 14 14:26:38 proxy01 squid[17855]: 1542205598.020 5 192.168.x.x TCP_MISS/500 3335 METHOD_OTHER http://gitlab/groups/testgroup/-/variables - HIER_DIRECT/192.168.x.x text/html

go to Gitlab server

use command

sudo tcpdump ‘port 80’ -i eth1

change PORT number and INTERFACE you should see request comming once you try to add VAR, if not then check SQUID settings.

Or disable PROXY for local servers.

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