Unable to add Variables in Settings CI/CD

Hello all,

i’m a bit new to GitLab and i’m facing this issue which i don’t understand the main cause.
I’ve recently updated a CE Gitlab to v16.11.2 and installed SonarQube because i wanted to integrate them.

I’ve created a project on GitLab, i am the owner and i would like to add a variable which then will let me work on it through SonarQube.

The issue is that when i try to add the variable using Chrome browser i get a random “P” error as you can see in the image.
When using Firefox it says that the variable has been added correctly but after refreshing the page there are no variables.

Can you help me with this?
Thank you so much!

Hi manuelf,

Can you open your browser’s console log with F12 and let this thread know what you see under the errors? Try with both Chrome and Firefox and see if there’s any discrepancy, both should be observing the same error somewhere if it’s related to a problem on your instance’s end.
It should be a good indication of what may be wrong here.