Clean install: What is the best way to maintain it?

Hi folks,

We have a really old version (7.11.4) and unfortunately we stopped upgrading it and we love the new features and want to move from Redmine to GitLab for issue tracking as well…

I saw this post and it will be a pain to upgrade to the latest version from ours, so I was thinking about creating a brand new installation and move from there.

What are the things we should do prior to the new installation?
Can we install the new version on the same server and keep using the 7.4 (until we move all back to the new one)

I simply need to re-create all users, add their SSH keys and push our repos back right?

What should be the best option to install and easy upgrades? Omnibus package?

If you’ve done this, can we have some points to cover some errors from this idea?

Thank you.


Tried to install the new version on a VirtualBox Ubuntu 16.04 (32bits) and I’m getting this:

Unable to locate package gitlab-ce ? what am I missing? I have followed this page and did all this commands:

sudo apt-get install curl openssh-server ca-certificates postfix

and selected internet site

curl -sS | sudo bash

as you can see from the image, and right after that:

sudo apt-get install gitlab-ce

Hi Bruno

Please provide some more info.

What is your Installation type ? (Source or Omnibus)
What is you OS & version ? From above screen shot i think its ubuntu :slight_smile:
No. of users and No of Projects ? (U can find this info in admin console)
What is the size of back up file in GB ?
(u can find this info in /var/opt/gitlab/backups is ur instance is Omni bus or /tmp/backups/ for Source method.)


I highly recommend you go with omnibus, on Ubuntu 16.04 LTS server, 64 bit.

Looks like you selected 32 bit. Any reason?

I had NO problems following the instructions on the website.

Hi @ershad.ahmad

(sorry the delay but I had to request server permissions to answer your question)

Our current 7.11 installation:

CentOS (centos-release-6-6.el6.centos.12.2.x86_64)
Omni bus install with 388K as backup size

  GitLab         7.11.4
  GitLab Shell   2.6.3
  GitLab API     v3
  Ruby           2.1.6p336
  Rails          4.1.9

  Forks        0
  Issues       2
  Merge Requests 28
  Notes        206
  Snippets     0
  SSH Keys     48
  Milestones   0
  Active Users 22

  Groups      5
  Projects    29

by the way, the error on a brand new VM is part of the edited question as after installing the package server, it does not find the gitlab-ce package … maybe I’m missing something that is not in the docs?