Clone URL wont change

Im using Omnibus EE install and I just switched over to using the ALBs in Amazon in front of my instances.
Everything comes up fine and it can get to my instance using the domain name…
Now when I go to a project I see that the clone URL has changed to show the hostname of the instance instead of the domain name like before.
Before change:

After change:

I have the external_url set in my gitlab.rb file to the domain and I have stopped and restarted and done reconfigure several times trying to get this to change. I also tried in a different browser that did not have any cache but I cant get it to change.

Any ideas?

I think I have a very similar issue. Maybe these URLs are hard-cached somewhere in the project descriptors, the database, anywhere. I have no idea how to solve this either. :frowning:

When I create a new project, the URL reflects the NEW external_url, and not the old one, but for old projects, some places the old URL is used.

@shardator Ill post something if i get help from somewhere else…or figure it out.

Rebuilt my instance and saw there was a ‘=’ in my external_url line…removed that and ran gitlab-ctl reconfigure and everything was back to normal.

Well, my line is sort of

external_url ''

and it works fine for newly created projects, but not for projects created when this line was incorrect. My guess is that the address for them is stored in the database with the old URL, which is a shame…

Fixed by erasing the cache:

sudo gitlab-rake cache:clear
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