[solved] Wrong clone URL in project

Hi Guys,

right now i am having a little issue.

  • I installed Gitlab on Server1
  • I created a A-record for my domain git.mydomain.com which is redirecting to the IP from Server1
  • I changed the external_url in gitlab.rb config to the domainname.
  • Pulling and pushing everything works with the subdomain git.mydomain.com

While inside a project, i can copy the ssh or https url for fast cloning. The URL inside there is wrong! While cloning from the subdomain url it still works. But internally he shows me all the time the virtual-server domain-name from my hoster, instead of git.mydomain.com (example: vps123.myhoster.com).

It is not performance or urgent issue, but i am wondering whats wrong there. I would like to run a perfect config for gitlab.

If anyone has a clue, please let me know, where gitlab gets that from, and how to change it.

Best regards,


i just found the mistake. I thought that its enough to restart gitlab-ctl after changing the configuration, like we do for nginx or other server configs. But i had to run a reconfigure. So its working all fine now.

Thanks still,
Good luck