Codeowners with Groups that contain a group (not sub-group)

We’re on Gitlab 15.5.0-ee. I am trying to use the CODEOWNERS file with groups. I have a project named orange with a repository called orange-repo. We have a group called repo-orange-juice and in that group, there are a few owners that are named individually. Also, there are 3 groups (dev-team1, dev-team2, dev-team3) that are included as members of repo-orange-juice. dev-team1, dev-team2, and dev-team3 all have individual members on them. repo-orange-juice is a member of orange.

In our CODEOWNERS file we have an entry that looks like this:
/juice/ @repo-orange-juice

When I create an MR, the individual people who are members of repo-orange-juice show up as approvers, but not the individual people who are members of dev-team1, dev-team2, and dev-team3. Is this a limitation, or am I doing something wrong?

Previously I had in the CODEOWNERS file
/juice/ @dev-team1
This worked fine. It’s only when I moved to the second level of indirection with groups that things stopped working. It’s like the code does not expand all the group memberships for the group members.