Comments update event not getting fired

Problem to solve

I have configured a webhook on my repository, and the events on which the webhook should trigger are configured as follows - Merge Request Events, Comments and Emoji Events. When I edit a comment made on code snippet, the webhook event for Comments is not fired (which should be as per gitlab documentation and Comments event description) on the other hand, Emoji Events work fine.

Steps to reproduce

  1. Configure webhook with events - Comments, Merge Request Events, Emoji Events
  2. Save Webhook
  3. Create a comment on pull request code snippet (create action will get fired for Comments event)
  4. Edit the same event, check the webhook deliveries - this event will be absent
    gone through this doc for troubleshooting - Webhook events | GitLab


(edited the comment)

(comment event absent, the most recent is the emoji event)


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