Commit from non-existent user

I found in our stand alone CE installation of GitLab the commit form user WeslyG, but there is no such user, and if I try to click on user login it will open Email form… How is it possible?


I can configure any email in the git client configuration:
git config --global
and make a commit.
And no one will ever understand who actually made this commit?
In addition, I can specify locally the Email of another GitLab user and make a commit. In this case, the interface will show that this other user made the commit. Is this a bug?

you can use custom-hooks to prevent such commits.

mini example

# --- Init
login=$(git show -s --format="%ae" $newrev)
-- check that login begin as "abc.def..."
if [[ $(echo "$login" | grep -Eio "^\w+\.\w+") == '' ]]; then
  echo "Wrong login: $login"
  exit 1;