Commit profile picture basic one bug

I’ve recently gotten into a bit of a head scratch as whenever I commit and push something to my gitlab repo from my IDE, I just get the basic gitlab logo as the PFP (I’m using a personal access token), and when I push it from the gitlab editor, then the PFP is my actual one.
Anyone know how to fix this?
IDE commits;
Web commits/merge requests;

Hi there,

Does your local git config (e-mail and username) correspond to GitLab’s email and username?

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Local as in my IDE’s or VPS’?
How can I check?

Local as in where it does not work correctly - so locally on your computer where your IDE is installed.

You can open up terminal (CMD / Powershell / bash) and execute:

git config --list

and check and values. They should be the same as in your GitLab profile. If they are not, you can change them with

git config --global "<your-name>"
git config --global "<your-email>"