Configure docker exec logs


I’ve configured a docker executor for GitLab runner that pulls a node image and builds artifacts for a node project but the build fails and I’m unable to view the full logs as the docker container gets cleaned up after a success/failed pipeline. So, I’m trying to configure to forward those logs to the build machine itself

Here is what I’m using:

GitLab community edition: 15.9.8
GitLab runner: 16.0.1
Build server: CentOS 7

Any help would be appreciated.


You see the container output in your Job output. If you need to see Docker or GitLab Runner logs they should be somewhere in /var/log.

this is what I see in the job output logs. (please see attached screenshot)

I’m looking for the path /root/.npm . I’m assuming it is on the container as I don’t see the path on the build machine where the docker container runs.

that is correct, it is in the container. To get the files you could copy them to the working directory as part of the script and then use artifacts to make them available in gitlab UI.

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great. I will give it a try. thanks

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