Configuring gitlab - questions

Hey guys, I’ve been playing around with gitlab for a while and while I had some problems, it’s been working at some point.

Now, I have a malformed URL when trying to create repos and clone them over SSH (Such as “git@git.test:root/testproject123.git” rather than “git@git.test:port/root/testproject123.git”

I would like to enable cloning and committing via SSH, so having the correct port in the URL is vital for me as I work in a setup that uses port forwarding (9002 is the external port, getting redirected to my LAN server on port 22).

In general it seems quite hard to set this up correctly as there is absolutely no documentation that I can find regarding port forwarded environments. The way it is now, even if I fix the URL manually before letting git do its thing, it goes and asks for a password for git@(My firewall):9000 rather than git@git.test.

Are you using Omnibus? If so, this is the setting you need to change