SSH url provided by GitLab not using SSH with git clone

Hello everyone,

we are using GitLab CE self-hosted on one of our servers. I noticed that the URL GitLab provides on project pages for SSH is in the scp style / format:

However, I also figured out it was not always that way, apparently it previously used to provide the port (for our installation, the GitLab SSH port is non-default) and it also used to be prefixed with ssh:// - see Provided SSH URL is in the wrong format

Why has this been changed? The missing ssh:// causes Git to ask for username and password when the URL is passed to git clone or git remote and the missing port makes the connection fail even if ssh is prepended.

I also found this older issue where, as far as I can tell, a change of URL format in the opposite direction was done for imports:

I would be thankful for some explanation.