Confused tester needs help understanding GitLab's testing tools

Hey everyone,

I’m entirely new to this platform, and attempted to reach out to the selling department with some questions regarding the potential testing tools the site offers, but was told to ask those questions here.

Basically, the devs at my workplace (where I just started as an intern) are using GitLab, and I read that there would be testing tools, but have a hard time actually finding and understanding them. What I need is essentially a programme/site in the style of Reqtest or Qase, where you can write manual test cases, create test suites, and create bug reports, etc. I’m at a loss for whether GitLab offers this sort of function, and if so, where I can get a hold of it?

Very grateful for any help you can offer. :slight_smile:

I think you are probably looking for a combination of issues and pipelines.

Good luck!