Need help with intro to GitHub/GitLab

Hello everyone, I am a current college student working a summer internship at a small financial firm, and one of my projects is to help introduce them to what GitLab/GitHub are, and how they are different. This is both for them to learn more about the GitLab stock (GTLB) and in the hopes of them finding them useful in their work.

One thing that would be really helpful would be if anyone who is knowledgeable/qualified in the subject and has used both GitHub and GitLab could answer me a couple questions over email about them and their differences and what would make one better than the other

You can ask your questions here, and people can respond on the forums. I don’t think many people like giving out their email to random strangers :wink:

You can even google, gitlab vs github I’m sure you will find a lot of results for you to read about.