Confusion regarding to-dos getting added

On GitLab, I collaborate mainly with myself and sometimes on gitlab-org/gitlab. Working with projects on GitHub, and their notifications system getting reworked has led me to some confusion.

  • Does a to-do get added when a comment is added to a thing (issue, mr) the user authored?
  • Does a to-do get added when a comment is made to a thing the user commented on?
  • Does a to-do get added when a comment is made to a thing the user subscribed to notifications?
  • Can you subscribe to comments including comments to threads the user is not participating in?
  • How the heck does the notifications toggle work, do I get all activity regarding a thing or only major events (comment, issue closed, merged; not bot added a label)?

I have an internal feeling that I have been left out of some issues.

@jtagcat thanks for the question! There’s a few answers to that:

Typically, todos get added when either:

Notifications are related but separate than todos. You’ll get an notification for anytime that a todo is added, but there is also for other events for issues or projects you’re subscribed to. You can read about how to tune the notifications in our docs. But basically there are global, group-level and project-level subscription settings.

From there, you’ll see there are some more options. You can have the project/group follow your global settings. You can also get notifications for any activity, for any threads you participate on or only when someone @ mentions you directly. You also can customize for which events you’ll get a notification.

Hope that helps!