Constantly getting logged out

I’m using

Today, I’ve needed to log into GitLab almost every five or ten minutes. It’s really awful. I use my google account to log into GitLab.

I’ll do something normal like click on a job from the pipelines page, and then instead of the job I get the login. Sometimes I log in and it takes me to my job. Sometimes I log in and I get a big full page 422 error.

This error has also eaten merge-request messages that I’m trying to post. I estimate I’ve wasted over an hour today because of this.

Is there something going wrong? It’s never been like this before.


Same issue. It happens no matter what kind of login I use. There’s no apparent pattern as to what actually causes to end my session, I might as well call it arbitrary. It just happens, sometimes I expect it to log me out but it doesn’t, and vice versa.

Especially in mobile browsers.