I have to log in every time I access gitlab.com

for roughly a month (or maybe later), my login doesn’t persist in cookies/storage anymore. Everytime I open a browser to access gitlab.com I’m logged out and need to log in again with a verification code sent by email.

Is there any way so I can configure my account to stay logged in a little longer like in the old times?

I’m logged into gitlab.com all the time, and don’t have this problem. Are you 100% sure you checked the box that ensures that you stay logged in? Are you perhaps using some VPN or other potentially untrusted service provider that is causing you to verify because of the lack of IP address reputation?

I have the same problem. I’m sure I’m checking the box to stay logged in. For the network I’m on, it’s just my normal home ISP (Deutsche Telekom) no vpn or anything else.

I mostly notice on my smartphone, but it also happens on my desktop (both Firefox)

the problem is resolved for me. It now works again. But in January/February it happened to me 6-7 times in a row that I had to log in again including verification code per email.

This hasn’t happened once in the last 10 days.

Sometime this could happen when you clear browser cache.

Try accessing the GitLab in private or incognito browsing window.

I have the same problem. I access my gitlab through the school computer, no problem, it always remembers me. But at home I have two PCs, a gaming-laptop and a working-laptop, on both it logs me out every time. Maybe it is because of the internet provider? At home I have Magenta (Austrian Deutsche-Telekom).