Container Registry and repository


I’ve started playing with the Image Registry, but got one question regarding organization of images – is my understanding correct, that each repository can host only one image (i.e. multiple versions of it) and in order to create and host more than one image, I will have to create multiple repositories?

Thank you.

This has been something of a limiting factor for us as well.

Ideally, we’d like to have a handful of various docker images that comprise a standard development environment for each of our teams (groups) to pull and run with a single docker-compose.yml, however with the current setup that is a bit tedious, requiring a project for each docker image.

FYI: This issue had been filed to the Issue list in May 2017, was resolved in gitlab-org/gitlab-ce!10109. This feature was released for 9.1 (Apr 2017).

One of known issues relevant to this feature (not solved as of 2017-06-04) is as follows: