GitLab container registry - image storage


I’m really interested to know more about GitLab container registry that was released with version 8.8 recently. Is it possible to setup a docker registry somewhere else and link that to GitLab?

The team that is hosting my GitLab server won’t be able to host docker image on the same server due to some policy/restrictions. I like the integrated feature, but not sure if it’s possible to use this feature with external docker registry.

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I have the exact same question as OP.

I have an existing docker registry backed by s3 .

Unfortunately it sounds like gitlab desires direct access to them on it’s local file system.

Path: This should be the same directory like specified in Registry’s rootdirectory. Read the storage configuration documentation. This path needs to be readable by the GitLab user, the web-server user and the Registry user. Read more in #container-registry-storage-path.

Any tips or tricks to make this work would be greatly appreciated.

Hi, anyone able to comment on this question?