Content in Changes tab of a pull request keeps on loading


It’s the first time this happened. But for some pull requests, the content in the Changes tab doesn’t load. I tried with a new branch and a new PR, but it’s the same.

Has this happened with anyone else? If yes, what did you do to fix this?

Can you expand further on doesn't load please? A few questions to help narrow down the issue further:

  • Does your browser’s developer console show an error?
  • What file type is your change over, and does it load with other file types?
  • Are other users similarly facing this, or only you?
  • Do you have any content-altering browser extensions active?
    • Does the issue reproduce also on an incognito/private window with all extensions turned off?
  • Are you using a self-managed GitLab instance, or is this observed on
    • What version of GitLab are you using (if self-managed)?
    • What is your browser and version?