Corrupted Git Data After Upgrading to 9.1.4 from 8.5.1


First of all this is our setup:

  • We have a private offline network with a domain and a DNS
  • Gitlab 8.5.1 (Omnibus) instance installed on a virtual Ubuntu 14.04.4 machine.
  • NetApp storage machine where our repositories are saved. (using CIFS mount)
  • vCenter server and a vSphere for server management.
  • A CIFS mount point /media/gitlab configured in /etc/fstab where we store our repositories

###Our goal is to upgrade our server machine to Ubuntu 16.04.02 and gitlab instance to 9.1.4

  1. First we cloned our server machine on vSphere.

  2. Then we transfered gitlab-ce_9.1.4.deb to our Ubuntu server machine and installed the package using dpkg -i gitlab-ce_9.1.4.deb.

  3. We Changed /etc/gitlab/gitlab.rb to the new format.

  4. Afterwards we encountered a lot of permissions problems, (mainly when performing gitlab-ctl reconfigure) with the repositories mount

  5. We eventually solved it by changing our git repositories mount point from CIFS to NFS by:

  6. Configuring /etc/fstab like so:

        x.x.x.x:/gitlab /home/user/gitlab nfs4 defaults,soft,rsize=1048576,wsize=1048576,noatime,nobootwait,lookupcache=positive 0 2
  7. Mapping in our NetApp pcuser to our windows admin user.

After we successfully installed and reconfigured Gitlab 9.1.4, Gitlab seems to work properly but we encountered a new problem:

  • When entering a new projects page (which were created a few days ago) we receive a No Repository message.
  • When entering an old project page (which was created two years ago) and exploring a branch, we can only see old commits and missing the new ones (Gitlab shows last commit from the middle of 2016 and we have pushed commits a few days ago)

When running sudo gitlab-rake gitlab:check we receive this message on almostevery repository:

namespace/project repository ... is empty

It looks like Gitlab’s databases are working as should and the only problem is with our git repositories.

When switching to our old server machine everything is working perfect

Any clue?