CPU High utilization On Gitlab 13.11.2 CE Version

I have installed Gitlab 13.11.2 CE version, after service restart CPU utilization went 100%, (Puma & sidekiq)
Due to this issue I’m not able to login into gitlab account.
Error: Whoops, GitLab is taking too much time to respond. Please help, from Last one week I’m stuck on same place

The docs recommend 4cpu, you only have two.


Yes, Let me tell you exact scenario, Previously I had 13.1.3 version and it works properly for part 1 year. On 25/04/2021 that system got crashed. So I have newly installed 13.1.3 version, after restoring the backup it works perfectly, but when I restarted the service CPU utilization when high.

OK, but the documentation says minimum requirements are 4cpu. You have problems with your system, it cannot spread the load of 4 cpu, because you only have two. I suggest if this is a VM, change the configuration, add 2 cpu, and try again.

The minimum hardware requirements are set for a reason.

Thank you so much. Actually this is a physical system. Can I use puma & sidekiq worker killer service to fix this issue.

If you want to continue with less resources, check this:


yes it’s raspberry PI, but you can limit the puma and sidekiq processes and others that might help you run it. If not, you need to find a machine that meets the minimum requirements.

Thank you so much. Let me try this, I will let you know. Can we connect on twitter.

It’s best you write here for issues, then any other community member can also help out.

Ok. Is there any option to run Gitlab ce edition version 13.11.2 in 2 core cpu!

As mentioned try reducing the sidekiq and puma instances from the Raspberry PI link. Like I said, and like the documentation shows, minimum hardware requirements is 4cpu. So if the Raspberry PI link doesn’t help, then you need to find a machine that has the minimum hardware requirements required.