Some questions about GitLab Puma

My VM has 4 CPUs and 8 GB of RAM. I have two questions about the Puma:
1- What is the best Puma value for my server?

2- If I don’t define Puma (commented that line), then what will happen?


If the line is commented, that means Gitlab will use the default puma settings. Uncommented puma options are settings you apply to override the defaults (commented settings).

For the specs you have, the best are the defaults. That is what I use.

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Thank you so much for your reply.
How many threads does the Puma default setting have as a maximum and minimum?

A puma process exists for each CPU, so 4cpu, 4 puma processes. If you increase/decrease the amount of CPU your server has, then the puma processes will also decrease. Eg: a server with 2cpu, will only have 2 puma processes. A server with 8cpu, will have 8 puma processes.

This beaviour can be altered by manually configuring puma, see the Gitlab documentation for more info: Configure the bundled Puma instance of the GitLab package | GitLab

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