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I’m new to GITLAB and have the enviable position of managing ~30 GITLAB servers for my company. I am attempting to troubleshoot a NOTES API issue where a user is getting a “403 Forbidden” error when attempting to delete old ‘System’ notes using the ‘curl’ command. This used to work fine until I upgraded the GITLAB server to v11.2.3-ee. This user has created several Private Tokens with all of appropriate permissions since he started seeing this error and is still getting the “403 Forbidden”. Deleting ‘User’ notes still works according to the user. Here is the syntax he is using:

curl --insecure --request DELETE --header “PRIVATE-TOKEN: ###”

I am attempting to duplicate his issue on a test GITLAB server in the following manner:

  • I believe I was able to first create an issue - id=1. My issue does show up in my Project/Issues.

My next step is to create a simple note for this issue, but I’m unsure of the proper syntax to use. This is what I’m using so far:
curl --request POST --header “PRIVATE-TOKEN: <my_access_token>”

I get a “curl: no match.” error.

The GITLAB documentation is quite good, but I don’t know enough to understand what I’m doing wrong. Is there a imple tutorial I can refer to that would help?

Thank you,