User validation required, even after successfully entering credit card

I’m new to GitLab CI. When I tried adding a .gitlab-ci.yml file to my repo, I get an error that user validation is required: Pipeline · Isaac Petersen / Bookdown Gitlab · GitLab

However, I have entered my credit card information multiple times. Each time I enter it, it says:

“User successfully validated. Your user account has been successfully validated. You can now use free pipeline minutes.”

But then I refresh the page, and it still says “User Validation Required”


Same issue here. I’ve tried multiple cards and a transaction for $1 goes through, which is immediately reverted.


Same thing for my team with our most recent users (older users have no problems triggering pipelines), i’m interested in suggestions to solve the issue.

I have the same

Yup same issue here! Endless “User Validation Required” but commits are still being failed.

We’ve solved it in our case. I think there were two problems:

  1. I could not validate someone else’s account in my organisation (despite the banner showing up for me on a pipeline they triggered). They had to do the validation themselves.
  2. There is a bug where the banner displays if a pipeline fails because the user was not validated at the time. It doesn’t check whether the user is now validated (so it would still show if you validate and refresh the page). See this issue: Crypto Abuse - Once a user validates a card we should make it easy to pickup where they left off (#331983) · Issues · / GitLab · GitLab

The same PROBLEM, please HELP!

I have the same problem - we have a group that has been running for a while and taking advantage of both the 2000 free minutes as well as using our own runners. I’ve added a new user to the group and they can’t run pipelines - when I push to the repo, the pipelines run fine, but when they push to the repo, the pipeline fail with a request for them to verify themselves with a credit card.

Obviously I don’t want my developer to put their own personal credit card into Gitlab when they do work for my company, but I can’t figure out how to authorize them.

This is the commit that caused this behavior change: Prevent creating pipeline on free and trial plans without CC info (3f856b60) · Commits · / GitLab · GitLab, it is by @fabiopitino

Yes, I’m having the same issue- when I try to validate my card number, after clicking validate, the credit card fields dissapear but no progress is made.

Any progress on this ?