DAST Scan Unexpected Fault Address


I am trying to run a browser-based DAST scan on my website but I noticed that every time the variable DAST_BROWSER_MAX_DEPTH: has a value of 3 or greater, the scan/pipeline fails.

The errors shows:
[2740] unexpected fault address 0x7f90c0a10000
[2741] fatal error: fault
[4687] 2023-07-31 19:46:42,876 Browserker completed with exit code 2
[4688] 2023-07-31 19:46:42,915 BrowserkerError: Failure while running Browserker 2.Exiting scan

I want to have have the DAST scan dig deeper into the website but this is not allowing it to. Is this a possible memory issue? Does anyone know what this can be related to?