Wrong URLs generated upon search


I have only recently installed gitlab-ce 8.11.3 on Debian 7. It’s been integrated with Oxidized and pushing device configs and different outputs to the remote repo. The only problem I am seeing at the moment is when searching the files’ URLs are not generated correctly. The example is as per below:

I have a following piece of the config in the file ‘’:

! Hardware Version: REV 15(0)-(00), FPGA checksum: 00000000, VLAN1 IP (
! Software Version: 6.3.0r21.0, Type: Firewall+VPN
! Feature: AV-K
! BOOT Loader Version: 1.0.4
! Compiled by build_master at: Fri Dec 11 00:27:43 PST 2015

When I search for example for a phrase ‘mac’ in result I am getting a non-existing URL (and 404):! Compiled by build_master at

What’s interesting it shows lines counting from -1.

Thanks in advance for help!

It seems that you posted an issue to the GitLab-CE issue tracker. Let’s manage this one over there :smile:

OK Thank You :slight_smile: