Database values can not be decrypted before upgrade

I have a gitlab upgrade plan from 13.12.5 to 15.11.5,when I Confirm that encrypted database values can be decrypted,the command give these errors below。Please can anyone tell me if I can still upgrade gitlab with ignoring these errors or not, otherwise ,how to fix it,thank you very much.

# gitlab-rake gitlab:doctor:secrets
User failures: 3
ProjectImportData failures: 9
Project failures: 2
Ci::Build failures: 25
Total: 39 row(s) affected

The current version is 13.12.5 at centos 7 ,the target operating system is debian 10.

Can you please explain more details relating to your upgrade process. You say moving from CentOS to Debian 10, so I’m curious exactly what steps you are doing to achieve that. If you are attempting to restore a backup that was taken on 13.12.5 and trying to restore it to 15.11.5 then it won’t work.

Please provide as much detail as possible relating to the process you are attempting.

First I move gitlab from centos7 to debian 10 both installed 13.12.5. Then I upgrade debian 10 from 13.12.5 to 15.11.5. After I restore the backup taken from centos to debian ,I found these errors. So I go back to check centos ,there are the same error .Our gitlab have a big data ,these error must exist for a long time . Now I am in a test environment, I want to know these error have any bad effect in the future.

You cannot restore backup taken on 13.12.5 to 15.11.5. It has to be restored to same version. So procedure:

  1. Install 13.12.5 on Debian.
  2. Copy /etc/gitlab/gitlab.rb and /etc/gitlab/gitlab-secrets.json from CentOS to Debian server.
  3. Run gitlab-ctl reconfigure.
  4. Copy backup from CentOS to Debian
  5. Restore backup on Debian.
  6. Start upgrade process following upgrade path.

See Gitlab Backup/Restore documentation as well as Gitlab Upgrade documentation, for more information. Especially when doing upgrades, you have to wait after each upgrade on upgrade path to ensure background migrations have finished.

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I indeed follow your order,maybe my chiglish make you confused.
Now my upgrade have succeed.
The upgrade path is 13.12.5 => 13.12.15 => 14.0.12 => 14.3.6 => 14.9.5 => 14.10.5 => 15.0.5 => 15.4.6 => 15.11.5
I have upgraded gitlab version for eight times ,each time ,I can find the error ,and it did not chage .
Thank you very much .

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