Migrate 8.17.6 to 11.5.0



Dear support, i want to migrate gitlab-ce 8.17.6 to last version 11.5.0.

I need saving all projects, users, groups, other…

Tell me please, how it’s done?


Hi and welcome to the GitLab forum! :slight_smile:

Generally, you will have to upgrade in steps: first of all to the latest version of a series, then to the first version of a series, and then repeat the steps until you reach the version that you want to be at.

This might give you some more info as well:


Thank you very much!


Thanks for help. I success update to 10.0.0.

But i have a problem with upgrading from 10.0.0 to 10.8.7

Running handlers:
There was an error running gitlab-reconfigure:

database_migration line 49:
MixLib::ShellOutCommandFailed: Expected process to exit with [0], but received ‘1’…

NoMethodError: undefined method ‘to_hash’ for nil:NilClass

Please, help me. I did not find the answer in the documentation.

Documentation says compare gitlab.rb.
I put new gitlab.rb and change external url.

I use CentOS 7 and Omnibus package.

Before gitlab migrated from MySQL to PostgreSQL with help pgloader.

sudo gitlab-ctl check-config :

Malformed configuration JSON file found at /opt/gitlab/embedded/nodes/localhost.json.
This usually happens when your last run of ‘gitlab-ctl reconfigure’ didn’t complete successfully.
This file is used to check if any of the unsupported configuration are enabled and hence require a working reconfigure before upgrading.
Please run sudo gitlab-ctl reconfigure to fix it and try again

P/s: sorry for my bad english.


After update intermediate minor version GitLab has been successfully updated.