Delete and create project failed

Delete project fail

Try to remove/delete some projects, but these project still in the dashboard.
Inside of the project, the error message shows

This project was scheduled for deletion, but failed with the following message:
Failed to remove project repository.
Please try again or contact administrator.

Try to rename the project then delete again, but it doesn’t work.

New project fail

After that, try to add a new project, it also failed.

The form contains the following error:
PG::QueryCanceled: ERROR: canceling statement due to statement timeout CONTEXT: while rechecking updated tuple (0,145) in relation "site_statistics" : UPDATE "site_statistics" SET "repositories_count" = "repositories_count"+1


Settings --> Advanced --> Rename repository
Change the Path then press “Rename project” button.


Settings --> Advanced --> Remove project

New project is also work without any problem.

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