Deleting and Repush files from a Git Branch in GitLab

I hope this is the right category to post this. If not, feel free to move this.

I have a GitLab VM I’m hosting on my Server (which reverse proxies through an Nginx VM).

I recently ran into some Smudge Errors with a recent branch. According to a StackOverflow User, he suspects the issue is with GitLab itself and not Git or Git LFS.

How would I go about deleting files from a Branch in GitLab and then re-pushing those files? Right now GitLab won’t allow me to just re-push those files (since GitLab sees that they already exist there). The Hashes for these files don’t match the hashes from the original source machine that did the pushing.

I was hoping I could, through the GitLab Web Interface, just replace a few files manually, but GitLab is telling me It is not possible to replace files that are stored in LFS using the web interface.