Deploy project to external FTP

I wish to push my gitlab project to an external FTP site that I manually upload to know. The site’s hosting has a cPanel; interface if that helps.

I might not have been searching for the right things so if this is a faq, please point me in the right direction.

Many thanks!


Gitlab or even Git doesn’t support pushing via FTP. You would have to push over SSH or HTTP/HTTPS.

Thanks. I checked with my hosting service and I can connecting to my domain / server IP and port: 4747 over SSH via key/password-based authentication. SSH can be accessed only from ONE IP address and only one SSH connection is allowed.

So this sounds doable. With that in mind is there a way to automate it on gitlab?


If this is a shared hosting service, then you won’t be able to use Gitlab on it. Gitlab needs to be installed on a VM, or in a Docker container depending on which install method you choose. Cpanel is for basic websites like HTML or whatever, or allows you to install PHP apps like Wordpress, Joomla etc. It’s not for Gitlab.

See the docs here: Download and install GitLab | GitLab
And this for how to use Gitlab with SSH: Use SSH keys to communicate with GitLab | GitLab

Sorry for the confusion. I am enquiring about creating a pipeline between my project and my hosting service rather than a separate install of gitlab.