Deploy web in remote server


I have configured a Gitlab server with CI integrated. And I´m trying to deploy to a remote production server. I have tried many guies, but It´s not working.


  1. Push on gitlab
  2. Deploy on remote server
  3. Update the /var/www/…

Any suggestions Please.


You might get some help if you posted your sanitised yaml.

Sounds like you are saying “Help! How do I get started doing deploys, as I’ve never done one before”. Good question!

Some more information might help people make some sensible suggestions for your case:

  • What are you trying to deploy to? IIS? NGINX? APACHE? an IBM mainframe? Or are you trying to deploy to a folder on the same machine that hosts your gitlab-ci-multi-runner task? Most people don’t do that, they have a staging server designated, and a production server, and deploy is set to go to Staging or Production (an Environment in Gitlab CI speak).

  • What “content/file upload” service do you expect your web server to be listening on ? ssh+scp? http+webdav? rsync?

  • Are you using node / npm tools to do your web front end “build/minify/pack”?

  • What are you trying to use as your deployment tool?

  • Show your current .gitlab-ci.yml “deploy” task, sanitized to remove any passwords, keys, or other secrets.