Deploying Gitlab runner using Terraform

Hi there, my employer uses 14.0.12 and IIUC, we need to use the corresponding version 5.0.12:

❯ helm search repo -l gitlab/gitlab | grep 14.0.12
gitlab/gitlab        	5.0.12       	14.0.12    	Web-based Git-repository manager with wiki and ...

Now I’m super confused, because if I look at a job log, I see:

Running with gitlab-runner 15.4.0 (43b2dc3d) Tbh I am not sure what version of the chart we are using.

I assume that I’m running the wrong version?

Now I am even more confused with · main · / charts / GitLab Runner · GitLab which talks about version 0.46.0?!

resource "helm_release" "runner" {
  name             = var.helm_release_name
  repository       = ""
  chart            = "gitlab-runner"
  create_namespace = true
  namespace        = var.k8s_namespace
  version          = "5.0.12"

Is there version right as above?? Because when I try apply I hit:

Error: chart "gitlab-runner" version "5.0.12" not found in repository

How do I find examples? like what is the Gitlab search equivalent of Github’s Sign in to GitHub · GitHub

I bizarrely get zero hits here:"gitlab-runner"+"helm_release"

Recently we upgraded to 14.6 and I ended up using:

version          = "v0.36.1"

Notice it requires the “v” prefix.

❯ helm search repo -l gitlab/gitlab-runner | grep 14.6
gitlab/gitlab-runner	0.36.1       	14.6.1     	GitLab Runner