Gitlab runner helm chart not found (error 404)

When trying to access the helm chart repository for the gitlab runner I am getting an error 404.

The repository is also unlisted on the charts page:


I’m seeing the same problem. 404 on anything related to the gitlab-org organization.

yep, we’re seeing related issues with CI not being able to pull the runner

ERROR: Job failed: prepare environment: waiting for pod running: pulling image "": image pull failed: rpc error: code = Unknown desc = failed to pull and unpack image "": failed to resolve reference "": pull access denied, repository does not exist or may require authorization: server message: insufficient_scope: authorization failed. Check for more information

I’m seeing related issues on my side too and the runner logs on Kubernetes are the following:

Merging configuration from template file "/configmaps/config.template.toml" 
Token specified trying to verify runner...         
WARNING: If you want to register use the '-r' instead of '-t'. 
ERROR: Verifying runner... is removed               runner=e1ce74f6
PANIC: Failed to verify the runner. You may be having network problems.