Deprecation of Docker-in-Docker (DinD) for Security Scanners

As you know, the previous year GitLab announced the deprecation of DinD for security scanners. In the article below, a specific sentence is quite confusing for me. I couldn’t find other sources to clarify the future of DinD support.

In a future release we intend to remove DinD completely

Is DinD being unsupported for only dependency scanners or it will be unsupported in a wider area?


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Well I went to the Dependency Scanning link from the link you posted: Dependency Scanning | GitLab

as far as I see it’s related just to security scanning, but as you can see from that link above, from 13.4 and later DIND is unsupported. In the SAST link: Static Application Security Testing (SAST) | GitLab it’s also no longer supported.

It doesn’t say anything about DIND not being possible with for example CI/CD so it seems that is still possible: Use Docker to build Docker images | GitLab

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I guess you are right. CI/CD pipelines should be fine. Just as a note. Kubernetes Dockershim support will be removed which might affect DinD setups.

Yes probably will also apply to Openshift as well. Therefore would require running docker separately for CI/CD than on these platforms once support is removed from Kubernetes for docker.