DinD failures after upgrade

I have been doing Clair Scans for the past month using DinD without any issue, today I migrated to runner 12.2 and Gitlab EE 12.2.4 and the Docker service never seems available, after some tries like 4 or 5 retries it can connect, but this is a new behavior that I did not have before. The DinD seems to come up, but then it is not available.

Hi @webmutation

Sorry to hear you’re having issues with GitLab Runner and DinD after upgrading.

It sounds like you may be hitting this issue:

Can you please try the hotfix outlined here and let us know if it fixes the issue?


Hi Greg,

Actually I had that issue, then solved it, but this is a new one, started just yesterday. The problem is that even though the Service appears to be running i cannot connect to it from the runner. I will follow up on that issue and also create a support ticket with more details since we are using the EE version.