Description area be focused by default when creating new issue

When creating a new issue with the new UI in gitlab site, it would automatically focus on the Description area instead of the Title.
That can be annoying for me and it’s driving my colleague nuts.

Is there a way to make the Title the default focus or is this a bug in gitlab waiting to be fixed

Hmmm, mine goes to Title, can it be a browser issue perhaps?

I just tested on both Firefox and Chrome and both would go to the Description

I realized while loading it does highlight on Title first but when loading is done the Description gets highlighted

Strange, I also just retested again, mine still goes to Title. Is it happening for all the users?

Just tested something extra, when creating an issue into one of my personal gitlab projects using a different pc, the highlight happens on the title but in the company’s gitlab account the the highlight goes to description.

very interesting! tested on saas with my personal and my company, also tested on my own omnibus install, everywhere defaults to Title, tough one to work out!