Default Issue Description

Is there any way to set a default issue description for a project now? I’m using Gitlab CE 8.17.0 and do not see any mention of setting the default description for new issues in the Project Settings, contrary to things I’ve found when trying to google the question. It looks like this may have been removed at some point, or perhaps only available in the paid version?

Currently we pick from a template which is loaded from .gitlab/issue_templates/, however we’d like to just default the issue description to a given template without the user having to select a template (since they’re lazy and choose not to pick a template most of the time).

Is this still possible?

I’m a user, so YMMV… On it works like this:

  • go to your project home page
  • in the project settings menu, select ‘Edit Project’
  • scrolling down the Project Settings page, you should see an ‘Issues Default Template’ field

That’s where you change it…

Sadly I didn’t get a chance to try this before updating to 9.x, and this option no longer seems to exist in 9.0, unless I’m just missing it?

Sorry to bump this again, but is this still possible in 9.x? I don’t see the option described by the previous suggestion since I’ve upgraded from 8.x to 9.x.