Designate public "landing page" for private repo on


When a user goes to without being logged in, is there a way to have them see either a wiki page or public/index.html (Project Page)? For instance, allows the landing page to be the wiki for private repositories, so readers can see what the program is about and then contact me or the owner of the repo for more details or access. In, currently they are either asked to log in or get a 404. I can implement a landing page through the Project Pages - - but that means that I have to provide two separate URLs - one for the actual repo and another describing the repository to non-members. I think like this ticket is trying to address the problem but I don’t see how it is implemented as far as I can see from the “Settings” menu.

Thanks gang.

You don’t see #19734 implemented because it was never shipped. There appears to still be a lot of discussion about the proper way to do this. There are lots of other issues linked in the comments of that issue that you can follow.