Diff said to be too large but under the 50,000 line limit

We have a diff for a file that is showing as “This diff could not be displayed because it is too large.” in the UI. We found a line limit in the code that says a diff should be limited to 50,000 lines. In our case, the file in the new commit is only 3,100 lines long (the previous version is a similar size). So, it isn’t possible that the diff is over 50,000 lines.

Does anyone know why limit would be imposed in this case? We are running GitLab 8.14.1


Did this issue get resolved? Is there an open ticket in the GitLab repository? I’m running 9.1.2 and had a similar issue this morning. Single file added to the repository, only 3069 lines and is “too big” to show the diff (same message).

Unfortunately, I no longer have access to the codebase to check if this got resolved. But, I’m not aware of any changes that have been deployed in the recent GitLab releases that may have fixed this.