Difference between root user and user with Admin privileges.


I use gitlab installed by the following method.

The root user created automatically during installation is the Admin role.
If the Admin role is assigned to the user created after that, what is the difference from the root user?

Thank you in advance.

The name and other settings of the user.

I.e. there are no real differences between any user who has been given the Admin access level, whether their username is “root”, their id is 1 or neither of those things.

We could probably save a license seat if I blocked either “root” or my personal user, but we have some administrative things running using an API token for the “root” user, so blocking that would probably be bad, and I don’t spend all my time nursing GitLab, and when I touch any other project I think my colleagues appreciate that they can see that it was me who did something (as said we have stuff running that uses the root account, so I’m not the only one who has access to the passwords for that).