Dind fails to "look up docker"

Hi all!

I am running a docker-dind runner to build a docker image in my CI pipeline. I have not touched this setup in a while, but it started failing with this error:

error during connect: Post "https://docker:2376/v1.24/auth": dial tcp: lookup docker on no such host

Full job log here: docker-dind CI step fails · GitHub

I found some old threads on here and on StackOverflow which suggested that this could have something to do with version pinning - I was just on ‘latest’ but now made sure to pin everything as follows:

  image: docker:24.0.7-git
  stage: build
  - name: docker:24.0.7-dind

I am on gitlab.com, the runner reports as gitlab-runner 16.6.0~beta.105.gd2263193 (d2263193).

Really not sure what might have caused this (is this a problem within docker-dind?), any help would be appreciated!

We are currently investigating why jobs using the docker:24.0.7-dind service fail with this error message. Something appears to have changed in the latest docker:dind image related to networking, possibly related to Switch over to xtables-legacy when nf_tables module isn't available (… · docker-library/docker@7ac5702 · GitHub.

Until this is resolved, one can workaround this issue by using docker:24.0.6-dind image.


Thank you! I pinned to 24.0.6 and it works again.

Thanks Greg; can you please advise which gitlab issue tracker is tracking this problem?

The issue tracking this is

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