Discussion about the gitlab-rails console

Hello there,
I am using gitlab-rails console all the time on my On-Premise personnal Community instance and I have a few issues that I would like to discuss.

  1. “gitlab-rails runner” is too damned slow (at least on my instance) !
    Sometimes it takes one minute to launch a ruby script printing “Hello World”

  2. In order to bypass this I intended to launch my ruby script async using good old nohup … & command
    Example : nohup bash -c “gitlab-rails runner my_awesome_script.rb arg1 arg2” &
    But it seems to not be the case !! (my parent script runs very slowly)

  3. Is there any execution logs somewhere ?

Am I the only one encoutering this strange behaviour ?


I found un workaround using the at !
echo “gitlab-rails runner my_awesome_script.rb arg1 arg2” | at now