Gitlab shell runner is too slow

I am using gitlab runner to run my java program in my own computer, it take over 5 minutes. If i run it manually in ubuntu console, it took less than 2 mins. I believe gitlab runner needs time to send the console messages back, is there any way to make it run faster?

My java program is executed by maven surefire.


Hi @quantrpeter! I am just checking in to see if you have made any progress on this? You reached out about a month ago, but I guess you stumped our community. :wink:

If you are still having this problem, please reply below! In any case I would love to hear how you are getting along, and how I can help you get to a faster run time. Talk soon!

Dear Kinds, thanks for contacting me. The gitlab-runner is running smoothly in my machine now, i don’t know why but it works now, thanks


I am happy to hear that, @quantrpeter, even if it is left as a bit of a mystery. :wink:

If you need anything else, let the community and me know!