Do you manage to make work API to export a project to AWS S3 ? I get a bug


We are on the Cloud version.
Using API to export to an AWS S3 Bucket (, we got a mail reporting an error.
We get a {“message”:“202 Accepted”} but here is the mail we receive just after (i hidded some informations for privacy):

Project {hidden} couldn't be exported. 
The errors we encountered were: 
•  private method `open' called for #<CarrierWave::Storage::Fog::File:{hidden}> 

The upload[url] is well formated, as it works with curl if we try to uplad directly the file on the S3 using same parameters sont those used for the GitLab API request.

Is it a general problem or just me ? Do you manage to make export to S3 (from Cloud version).


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PS: for information, i opened an issue on Gitlab CE:, but i wanted here on the forum to know if it is specific to me (i don’t think as this is the cloud version) or a global problem.