How to export a gitlab project to S3?

Did you manage to do this ?


I tried many time to export the project to S3 with python boto3 or with CURL as written in the documentation (Project import and export API | GitLab)

But the issue is that I get 403 error : “Invalid response code while uploading file. Code: 403”

I tried to add the meta tag on the S3 object as : “Content-Type”: “x-gzip”. I tried also with “Content-Type”: “gzip”. I am out of testing options. I also generated many times a pre-signed url with existing and whitout object but nothing changed. What could be a reason for this schedule export to fail ?*

The curl command is the following :
curl --request POST --header “PRIVATE-TOKEN: XXX” “” --data “upload[http_method]=PUT” --data-urlencode “upload[url]=signed_url”

Can you provide me with some working codes please ? Thanks for taking the time to be thorough in my request, it really helps!