Docker containers on shared windows runners lost internet connection

Using shared windows runners on, when running things in a docker container anything network related fails. It worked fine 4 days ago. Anything got changed in windows VMs?

Simplest way to repro is to run this as a script:
docker run curl

curl: (6) Could not resolve host:

Also works fine when run without container (well, dotnet restore etc work fine). Running the same container on my local workstation works fine.

Any ideas?

Looked at env variables, could not see anything relating to proxies etc.

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Same issue here. I don’t think it’s related to Docker containers, since even outside a docker containe a simple ping doesn’t work. Was working fine a couple of days ago for me too, but it seems like outgoing connections are blocked in some way.

Same on my side, not longer able to resolve names using DNS. Four you it’s, on my side it was

But as far as I see it’s a problem with docker, when running it directly as command in the windows shared runner, everything is fine

My Dockerfile:


# Metadata indicating an image maintainer.
LABEL maintainer="xx@yy.zz"

RUN powershell Resolve-DnsName -Name

Created a ticket for the problem:

The problem should be fixed now. For some reason, Docker containers stopped resolving DNS addresses until we entered in external DNS servers.

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Yes, I can confirm that problem is fixed!