Docker Registry on a separate Server

Before I spent too much time trying to configure it. I just want to know if it is possible to setup the container registry in a way that the registry daemon (and the image stroage) runs on a different server than the gitlab instance works. I assume the following simplified situation:
Gitlab running on a separate host ( installed from source, not the omnibus package) named gitlab.localdomain and the docker registry daemon runs on a second server named docker.localdomain

How do I have to configure this, if it is possible?


In config/gitlab.yml.example, I see:

    # enabled: true
    # host:
    # port: 5005
    # api_url: http://localhost:5000/ # internal address to the registry, will be used by GitLab to directly communicate with API
    # key: config/registry.key
    # path: shared/registry
    # issuer: gitlab-issuer

As far as I understand the path arguments needs to be read/writable by the gitlab instances and how should this be realized if the registry is running on a separate server. The examples in the documentation only show if they are running on a separate domain name, which does not mean a separate host.

I’m in the same situation. I haven’t enabled the Registry feature yet but want to do so on a separate host for better resource management. The settings above don’t seem to indicate anything regarding host configuration. Only domain, therefore I have a feeling you would need to configure a completely separate Docker registry in order to achieve this

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Same here, I don’t want to keep everything together, now I’ve one host for Gitlab, one for runners and i would like to setup one host for container registry, but i should install the entire Gitlab package from omnibus?

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Guys hello!
So what about connecting gitlab to separate private docker registry, that was set up manually? Is it possible?
According this -, I have to install on separate host another one gitlab with just registry functionality, is it right?