Does Gitaly / GitLab install its own version of git?

I have a question about which version of git is installed / being used, in my on-prem GitLab CE

  • GitLab 12.10 is running on RHEL 7.9
  • When I SSH into that machine $ git --version returns git version
  • When I visit GitLab via web, it tells me Gitaly is running git version 2.26.2

Does Gitaly / GitLab come with it’s own version of git?

I ask because my GitLab is due for an upgrade and I’m making sure I have my dependencies in order first. RHEL is way out-of-date with its git version, so I’d love it if Gitaly is already taking care of this issue for me.


Hi @Patrick1! :wave: Great question!

GitLab/Gitaly does ship with an embedded version of Git to ensure compatibility with the GitLab version. By default it’s located at /opt/gitlab/embedded/bin/git

That’s wonderful news! I’ve been stressing about the git version upgrade described here:

‘In 13.1.0, you must upgrade to Git v2.24’

But I guess it’s a non-issue. Thanks for the help @gitlab-greg .